Robin van der Vleuten

Hey, I'm Robin van der Vleuten,
developer, designer, writer and entrepreneur.

I enjoy making a living out of this since 1150984855. Since then I've had the pleasure of working on many great companies and many awesome people. Always doing it with a keen eye for design and well-written code.

Any of my professional related work will you find under the flag of The Webstronauts. An one-man army and self-funded startup building awesome, beautiful and accessible web applications.

This all couldn't be done without the help and projects of the open-source community. So I contribute quite some time there as well.

You can check out any of my open-source work on Github, follow me on Twitter or read through my personal notes.

Got an interesting project or in the mood for some web-related small talk? Don't hesitate to contact me so we can see if we can help each other out.